Wrestling is an ancient martial art that uses grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. A wrestling bout is a physical competition, between two (occasionally more) competitors or sparring partners, who attempt to gain and maintain a superior position.
Famous practitioners of Wrestling: Bill Wallace, Brandon Vera, Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez, Carlos Newton, Chuck Liddell, Cung Le, Dan Henderson, Dan Inosanto, Dan Severn, David Abbott, Diego Sanchez, Don Frye, Erik Paulson, Frank Shamrock, Frank Trigg, Frankie Edgar, Georges St. Pierre, Jake Shields, Jon Fitch, Josh Barnett, Josh Koscheck, Ken Shamrock, Kyra Gracie, Mariusz Pudzianowski, Mark Coleman, Mark Kerr, Matt Furey, Matt Hamill, Matt Hughes, Nate Quarry, Quinton Jackson, Randy Couture, Rashad Evans, Renato Sobral, Rick Faye, Rolls Gracie, Sean Sherk, Shane Carwin, Tank Abbott, Tim Sylvia, Tito Ortiz, Urijah Faber

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