monkey kung fu
Monkey Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art which utilizes ape or monkey like movements as part of its technique. Monkey kung fu integrates the use of an extensive collection of weapons for use in combat, thus creating an effective way to help you realize the true meaning of the monkey and have a feel for the monkey based movements.
Famous practitioners of Monkey Kung Fu: Paulie Zink

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February 1988

Black Belt

Vol 26, Num 2

Jung Woo Suh

02/88 Black Belt

March 1989

Black Belt

Vol 27, Num 3

Augustine Fong & Peter DeLuca

03/89 Black Belt

February 1983

Inside Kung Fu

Vol 10, Num 2

Conan Lee

02/83 Inside Kung Fu

June 1994

Inside Kung Fu

Vol 21, Num 6

Brandon Lee

06/94 Inside Kung Fu

April 2009

Inside Kung Fu

Vol 37, Num 4

Tenchu Shadow Assassins

04/09 Inside Kung Fu

November 2000

Kung Fu Qigong

Num 11

Phillip Wong

11/00 Kung Fu Qigong

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