kung fu
Kung fu is one of a number of Chinese martial arts designed to refine the body and the mind. It is perhaps one of the most widely known Chinese martial arts, because many films incorporate kung fu techniques. There are hundreds of styles of kung fu taught all over the world, although they can be loosely divided into two camps: Shaolin style kung fu, and other techniques, some of which have a history which out dates the Shaolin order.
Famous practitioners of Kung Fu: Adrian Paul, Al Leong, Ark Wong, Benny Urquidez, Bolo Yeung, Cynthia Rothrock, David Carradine, Doc Fai Wong, Eric Lee, Frank Massar, Gerald Okamura, Howard Jackson, Jackie Chan, James Lee, James Lew, June Castro, Kathy Long, Larry Lam, Mark Dacascos, Pan Qing Fu, Paul Vizzio, Paulie Zink, Richard Branden, Sammo Hung, Tat Mau Wong, William Chow

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October 1974

Black Belt Yearbook

Vol 12, Num 10

Kung Fu Movies

10/74 Black Belt Yearbook


Black Belt Yearbook

Vol 12, Num 10

Kung Fu Movies

1974 Black Belt Yearbook

July 2008

Inside Kung Fu

Vol 36, Num 7

Kung Fu Panda

07/08 Inside Kung Fu

July 1974

Karate & Oriental Arts

Num 49

Kung Fu

07/74 Karate & Oriental Arts

June 1976

Real Kung Fu

Vol 1, Num 10

Kwun Lun Kung Fu

06/76 Real Kung Fu

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