krabi krabong
Krabi Krabong is a weapon-based martial art from Thailand. It is closely related to other Southeast Asian fighting styles such as Indon-Malay silat, Burmese banshay and the armed component of Cambodian bokator. The royal bodyguard corps of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) are said to be highly trained experts of krabi krabong.
Famous practitioners of Krabi Krabong: Arlan Sanford, Eric Knaus, Marc Denny

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May 1971

Black Belt

Vol 9, Num 5

Krabi Krabong

05/71 Black Belt

April 1994

Black Belt

Vol 32, Num 4

Benny Urquidez

04/94 Black Belt

January 2002

Black Belt

Vol 40, Num 1

Jim Wagner

01/02 Black Belt

May 2003

Black Belt

Vol 41, Num 5

Benicio Del Toro

05/03 Black Belt

August 1995


Vol 21, Num 8

Winston Ellis

08/95 Combat

March 1987


Vol 10, Num 3

George Bruckner

03/87 Fighters

July 1998


Vol 21, Num 7

Paul Barnett & Geoff Thompson

07/98 Fighters

September 2005



Fran Zuccala & John Orchard

09/05 Fighters

October 2005



Paul Newby

10/05 Fighters

May 1986

Inside Karate

Vol 7, Num 5

Surichai Sirisute

05/86 Inside Karate

June 1986

Inside Karate

Vol 7, Num 6

Peter Liu

06/86 Inside Karate

February 2000

Karate Bushido (French)

Num 276

Christophe Pinna

02/00 Karate Bushido (French)

July 2001

Karate Bushido (French)

Num 292

07/01 Karate Bushido (French)

November 1989

Martial Arts Illustrated (UK)

Vol 2, Num 6

Vic Charles & Bruce Lee

11/89 Martial Arts Illustrated (UK)

February 1996

Martial Arts Illustrated (UK)

Vol 8, Num 9

Brandon Lee

02/96 Martial Arts Illustrated (UK)

January 1990

Secret Fighting Arts of Southeast Asia


Rudy Ter Linden

01/90 Secret Fighting Arts of Southeast Asia

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