kung fu san soo
Kung Fu San Soo is an American martial art loosely based on techniques from several styles of southern Chinese martial arts practiced in the Taishan region of Guangdong province including Choy Lee Fut and 5 Family Fist. This style does not utilize any of the orthodox forms of the styles it borrowed from, rather focussing on application and individual technique to be optimized for American street fighting. Kung Fu San Soos purpose is for effective brawling type combat in the Mixed Martial Arts style popular in America.
Famous practitioners of Kung Fu San Soo: Gerald Okamura, Kathy Long

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July 1989

Inside Kung Fu

Vol 16, Num 7

William Cheung

07/89 Inside Kung Fu

November 1992

Inside Kung Fu

Vol 19, Num 11

Brandon Lee

11/92 Inside Kung Fu

August 1995

Inside Kung Fu

Vol 22, Num 8

Gerald Okamura

08/95 Inside Kung Fu

July 2002

Martial Arts & Combat Sports

Vol 23, Num 7

Donnie Williams & Steve Muhammad

07/02 Martial Arts & Combat Sports

Spring 2011

Martial Arts Masters


Takeshi Uchiage

Spring 2011 Martial Arts Masters

July 1990

Private Lessons From the Masters


Fumio Demura

07/90 Private Lessons From the Masters

August 1995

Secrets of the Masters


Terry Wilson & Garth Constantine

08/95 Secrets of the Masters

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