MA Weapons magazine is a bi-monthly United States magazine published by Rainbow Publications, Inc. It ran from June 1987 to February 1988. It was formally Fighting Stars Ninja magazine. On the Summer 1988 issue, it changed its name to MA Training magazine.

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June 1987

MA Weapons

Vol 14, Num 3

Bud Malmstrom & Doc Fai Wong

06/87 MA Weapons

August 1987

MA Weapons

Vol 14, Num 4

Ginger Miyazaki

08/87 MA Weapons

October 1987

MA Weapons

Vol 14, Num 5

Jim Mather

10/87 MA Weapons

December 1987

MA Weapons

Vol 14, Num 6

Tadashi Yamashita

12/87 MA Weapons

February 1988

MA Weapons

Vol 15, Num 1

Keith Hirobiashi & Johnny Gyro

02/88 MA Weapons

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